Sunday Summary // 6

Sunday Summary 6 tile

Another week into the year. The first week of February. I recently wrote a post about “How are your New Year Resolutions Going?” which hasn’t seemed to kick myself into the right gear. This week I’ve succumbed to the office treat shelf, exercised very little and had a huge binge on Friday night. My saving grace was the acknowledgment of this binge and I spent Saturday morning hiking up Rivington Pike and downing green juices!

This next week I’m going to get back on track with my Kayla workouts. I always feel more motivated to eat healthy and more body confident when I workout, so need to remember this when I hit my snooze button in the morning!

How has your week been? What are your plans and goals for the week ahead?


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  1. Your week doesn’t look too bad lovely, or is that just because i had pizza ice cream and a snickers this weekend 😥 xx


  2. Lauren says:

    Your week doesn’t look to bad at all and it’s good that it’s given you motivated to attack this week! I’m also following Kayla Itsines work outs!

    I have a giveaway for Slim Pasta over on my blog 🙂 x


  3. Christie @ The Weekday Table says:

    I love your Sun Summaries! Mmmm, I’d love to see a full review of Kayla workouts. I have been curious for a while… My goals are to stick to my training schedule for my marathon… I’ve been slacking due to the snowy Boston weather!


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