The South of France // Cannes

If you follow me on Twitter, you will be aware that I am currently in the South of France.

Matt and I found some too-good-to-miss flights, booked them, packed our bags and jetted off. His parents are currently on holiday in St Aygulf so we joined them.

Matt grew up holidaying on the South Coast of France so it has a great feeling of nostalgia for him. However I have only made a fleeting visit in the month of February when it isn’t really at its finest. So while we’re here were doing some exploring. First stop was Cannes.

Holiday home to the rich and famous Cannes is a bustling town filled with a fantastic mixture of people – it’s prime people watching territory – so I was definitely in my element. We took a wander along the dock to have a nosey at the yachts (doing a bit of window shopping!) then continued our walk along the promenade, alongside stylish boutiques and all the designer stores you could wish for. The beach was packed with tourists, locals, sun worshippers and posers and the road was filled with supercars driven by the super rich. Choosing not to pay the premium prices charged by bars on the front we headed further into the town and had a bite to eat and drink down one of the side streets.

We purposely visited Cannes on this day so we could watch Le Festival D’Art Pyrotechnique Cannes – a summer long festival of firework displays which are set off from floating platforms in the bay. As the streets were starting to fill up we headed back to the promenade to watch the sunset and pick our spot to enjoy the display.

At 10pm the lights down the whole promenade were switched off, the streets were closed and the fireworks began. The display went on for around 45minutes and was a wonderful site to see! It was amazing to see thousands of people standing along the front and about a hundred yachts moored in the bay.

For me Cannes in the high of summer is, although busy, a sight to see. It’s wonderful to see how the other half live while enjoying the luxurious you can enjoy. I tried my best to convince Matt a Chanel bag is an investment, but he wasn’t having any of it!


Have you ever visited Cannes? Where is your favourite place to visit in the South of France?


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  1. I’ve always wanted to go the Cannes! Those fireworks look fantastic!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


    1. It’s a great place to visit, really interesting!


  2. Amy says:

    Wow Cannes is the mos beautiful town I’ve ever seen. I’ve been there. Such a lovely pics.


    1. It’s lovely isn’t it. It was the second time I visited and so much prettier in the summer.


  3. shvally says:

    Everything looks so beautiful. I’ve always wanted to visit France, especially the south!


    1. It’s a wonderful country to visit… you have to go!


  4. Philippa says:

    Wow the south of France looks amazing, and so serene! Looks like you both really enjoyed yourselves! I’ve been to some northern French towns but never the south. I would love to visit St. Tropez one day though! And yes, totally agree, a Chanel bag is definitely an investment. It’s a classis, and classics don’t go out of fashion :).


    1. Haha a Chanel bag is a must… one day!


  5. Your firework photos look amazing!! I can’t wait to visit Cannes!


    1. The fireworks were amazing! Especially over the bay.


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