52 Lists // Eight

52 lists project52 lists week 8

This list is actually a little difficult for me as I can’t wait to move out of the town I currently live in, however I’m being an optimist and picking out the few good things my tiny little town has to offer.

1. The green space around it

2. The canal path which is perfect for running

3. The park up the road

4. Close to a few great  restaurants

5. Easy to drive to work

6. On a bus route so will always be able to get out when it snows

7. The many footpaths in the countryside that I’m yet to explore

8. Close to Manchester

9. Easy to get to my parent and Matt’s parents.

10. Friendly neighbours

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenna says:

    Great post! I should really start thinking of the positive things about the place I live. It’s a really nice way to think!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic



    1. It’s nice to appreciate where we live.


  2. My hometown doesn’t have much to offer either! That’s why I fell in love with big cities when I moved to uni!

    Shan | Dimple to Dimple


    1. Same here. Always lived in the sticks so when I moved to uni it was exciting!


  3. Lisa says:

    It’s nice to try and focus on the positives about where you live. I live on the peripharies of the town I was born in and although I used to hate it there are now a lot of things I like about where I live.




    1. I am exactly the same. Really enjoy where I grew up now.


  4. Sophie says:

    Such a lovely list, I’m partway through writing mine for this week… still loving the challenge 🙂



  5. Great post!

    I’m from Cumbria too, pretty sure you follow me on twitter haha




    1. Cumbria lovely isn’t it. And I probably do follow you lol.


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