Super Healthy Green Smoothie


Smoothies have to be one of my favourite healthy meals. They are super adaptable, come in a million different flavours, packed full of goodness, easy to make and suitable for breakfast, lunch and snacks. I’ve been upping my smoothie intake recently seems the weather has been so warm. I’ve been having one for breakfast and one for lunch. The one above is the one I have favoured over the past few weeks because it’s packed full of goodness and is making my skin look amazing!

Although it doesn’t look very appealing in the photos I swear it is more of a very deep purple in real life, however it still doesn’t look great. But I swear it tastes perfectly fine! I used to just make fruit and veg smoothies until I decided to take my smoothie to the next level and add some extra goodness to it. Recently I have been using the Fushi Superfood Green Blend and Fushi Chia Seeds in a bid to cram extra nutrients into my meals. I was inspired by Miranda Kerr’s recipe shown in this video. She claims that she swears by this smoothie to start her day everyday and it too is packed full of the nutrients found in Fushi’s Superfood Green Blend. So if a super green health smoothie is good enough for her it is definitely good enough for me!

I adapted her recipe as couldn’t find some of the ingredients she uses, plus I like my smoothies with a bit of fruit in them. So to make my version I use half a banana, handful of mixed berries, a bunch of spinach (natural protein!), apple juice, 1/2 tablespoon of Fushi Superfood Green blend and 1/2 tablespoon of Fushi Chia Seeds.

The benefits to this smoothie are endless!

The Fushi Superfood Green Blend makes it magic, as it contains a whopping 17 powerful superfoods as well as Vitamins C, Zinc and B12. With all the vitamins and nutrients it really is a girls best friends, I definitely noticed a difference in my skin, hair and well being.
The Fushi Chia Seeds I add to upp my intake of fibre, protein and omega-3. With Chia seeds you only need a tiny amount to get the benefit as they are so nutrient rich!
Spinach is a favourite ingredient of mine in smoothies as it is a great source of protein, which means you stay fuller for longer! I swear that you never taste the spinach, so you may as well as it to your next one and make it extra healthy!


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