Tone your Muffin Top & Love Handles

Firstly I would just like to thank each and every one of you for your amazing comments on the progress picture I posted on Friday. Your feedback has completely overwhelmed me and made me very proud of my achievements so far, however it is has also encouraged me to work harder so that my next progress picture will be just as impressive. I was literally brought to tears by some of your kind words; I’ve even had old uni friends comment on how much better and happier I look.Yesterday my Granddad rang me to inform me that he’d read my blog and just wanted to let me know how amazing I look and how proud he is of me. All of your support and amazingly kind comments always make my low days easier, and they always encourage me to lace up my trainers and drag myself out for a run when I really don’t want to. So thankyou so much for reading my blog, commenting, tweeting and instagramming me, your support means the world to me.
Anyways enough of the smoochy stuff and onto our next workout! How is your week going? We are now half way through the month, so you should be half way through your newest fitness and health goals… if you aren’t what are you waiting for… start now! There are only 6 weeks until summer so if you don’t start now, when are you?
This weeks Wednesday Workout is going to concentrate on your muffin-top; that area of fat that sticks out from over your jeans, and Love Handles; the area at the side of your waist. Now you may be very lucky and have very little fat on your lower or side Abs but these workouts will help you tone up so still give them a go. These workouts will work the side, middle and lower Abs. They are both short videos of around 10 minutes long and both incorporate a number of moves all designed to work your Abs. Some of the moves are repeated in both videos, but there are new moves in each video so I wanted to share both of them with you. They are a little tough and will work you hard, but if you do manage them with ease just do the workout another 2 or 3 times to increase intensity.
Please be warned the intro to the second video is very weird and a little scary so if you scare easily please skip it to 32 seconds in. If you don’t scare easy then you will sit and wonder what the hell did you just watch as I do every-time I see it. 

What are your favouirte moves to tone the Muffin Top and Love Handles? Let me know what you think of the workouts. Or if you have any areas you would like to tone and would like me to find a good video for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube so that you have all the workouts in one easy place! 
Don’t forget to check out my blogger of the week Cantara from Gym Bags and Glad Rags. If you enjoy my fitness post you will fall in love with her blog. She is a stunner with a great blog!

10 Comments Add yours

  1. I love your workout posts! The photo's with them always keep me motivated too! xx


  2. Ashleigh says:

    Whaaaaat. That intro is WEIRD. I like the look of these videos, I could actually do these! Thank you for these posts, they are so inspiring! I just need to find the time now haha!


  3. Christina L says:

    OOO thanks for finding me a new workout to get rid of those awkward bits. hehe. you are doing well if only I have abit of you get-up-and-go! But def going to try these vids.Keep it up


  4. Some great alternatives there……thank you 🙂


  5. Alice says:

    I love these! I'm off on holiday in a few weeks, and am going with the world's healthiest person- so I want to look decent next to her! Off to try these RIGHT NOW!! xx


  6. Thankyou so much darling. I know how stunning are the girls above! Keeps me motivated to see others with great bodies 😀


  7. It is VERY strange isn't it! YEAH! that's great to hear, they only take 15 mins so easy to slot them into your day 😀


  8. You're welcome darling. Haha sometimes it is difficult to motive myself, but keep reminding myself of my goal and that keeps me on track 😀


  9. You're welcome, will maybe see them in a bootcamp class 😀


  10. Let me know what you think of them! Holidays are always a great motivator for getting fit 😀


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