Cumbria Bloggers Meet| Part 2 at I Love Cafe

On Sunday I visited Carlisle to see family and friends and to catch up with my little blogging family; Cumbria Bloggers (We even have our own hashtag #cumbriablogger). You may have seen my previous post on the first meetup that we had a few months ago, you will remember how incredibly nervous I was about meeting bloggers in real life, well thankfully my fear has dwindled and has been replaced by enthusiasm and excitement. Our Cumbria Bloggers family has grown from 7 members to 24 in a few short months, who knew there was so many of us!

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On Sunday we arranged to meet up, have tea and chat at I Love Cafe in the courtyard behind Mcdonalds in Carlisle. The cafe is incredibly tiny and cute, but very welcoming and homely thanks to the gorgeous Sophie who opened up especially for us bloggers. There was 10 of us at this meetup, 5 of the girls were new to me so I was able to find out about new blogs, which is always great! Between us we blog about such a wide variety of topics; crafts, cooking, fashion, mummy blogs, beauty and lifestyle, so being able to chat to bloggers from different specialities only adds to the interest. We all sat and enjoyed various flavoured teas, and yummy, scrummy cakes of a wide variety… I obviously went for a cupcake!
At the meet we decided that the meetups would become a regular event and we plan on holding a larger event during May/June and get local brands, businesses and other bloggers involved. Many people overlook Cumbria for events because we are “rural” however Carlisle is the perfect location for events as it is central to Scotland, the North East, Lancashire and Manchester… it’s only a few stops on the train! Helen, Amanda and I have already been networking with businesses on Twitter during the #cumbriahour chats so things are slowly but surely taking shape. I’m just excited to have met such a wonderful, talented group of girls and bloggers who blog about their passions, I’m in great company and am really excited about what us #cumbriabloggers will achieve in the future.
Please take a look at the other wonderful girls and their blogs. You may find your new favourite read amongst them.
Sally from Sallytangle | Amanda from Amanda Uniquely | Alice from Tea and Lead
Caroline from All About the Girl | Ann from Prattle and froth | Sue from Sooz In The Shed
Do you have a similar group of blogger in your area? Or have to been to a meetup recently? Aslo if you are a Cumbrian blogger and want to join our little family, let me know!

onthedressingtableblogbutton (1)Be sure to check out my blogger of the week and fellow Cumbria Blogger Anna from On The Dressing Table. She has the most amazing beauty blog, full of insightful and honest reviews, plus she is the sweetest girl!


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Anna Davison says:

    It was so nice to meet you in real life! See you at the next meet up!! x


  2. Limes Smiles says:

    It looked all so lovely and I want a cupcake now haha So glad you had a nice time!IxxLimes&Smiles


  3. Cheap Kicks says:

    Looks like you had a fab time, I'd love to go to a blogger meet but I'm really shy xxx


  4. Aww this cafe is so lovely, looks like you had a great time! :)C x |


  5. It was lovely to meet you too darling. I hope you had a fab girly day and break from being a fab mum. See you soon xx


  6. It was so cute! Cupcakes are always the answer xx


  7. I did it was a great afternoon of just chatting. I was so nervous for my first one but thankfully plucked up the courage and now look forward to them as I know all these lovely girls xx


  8. The cafe is soooo cute! Its a great little find tucked away in Carlisle. Had an fab time 😀 xx


  9. Shen says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely afternoon! I loved the manchester meet up the other week.xx


  10. I did, was so great to meet everyone xx


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