2013 The Year of Health


It’s that time of the year again, gyms are getting full, health food shops have never been busier, and it appears that everyone is now running or cycling everywhere… all the time! Yes it’s the time of the year when 90% of us pledge that this year we are going to lose weight! So for 4 weeks the gyms are busy, the pubs are empty and we think that we’ve done ourselves some good thanks to our crazy detoxes or exercise regimes. Then it slowly creeps back to drinks after work, skipping a few workouts and before we know it your trainers are collecting dust in the back of your wardrobe and your fridge is fully stocked with wine and cheese!

So this year I am asking you to join me and not pledge to lose weight… no this year we are going to get healthy! You can do this anyway you want, be it small changes such as making your lunch everyday, walking home instead of getting the bus, having a 15 minute run round the block… it all still counts! Or you can really go for it and eat clean, train hard and challenge yourself everyday.

What I am aiming for, and I think you should all aim for is health! If you can change your attitude so you focus of making the correct choices everyday that will make you a healthier and happier person then the weight loss will not only come… it won’t creep back on! If you can teach yourself new habits… no more fizzy drinks, no more wine after a hard day at work, your weight WILL reduce, and it WON’T come flooding back on as it does when you go on crazy diets and detoxes.

What you, I, and everyone needs to remember is that weight loss is a lifestyle change! It is not a 2, 4, or 6 week eating plan, diet or regime. If you don’t learn to adopt healthy habits any weight you lose will just reappear over the year and you will be making the same resolution in 2014… to lose weight!

So my resolution this year is to make sure that next year, 2014, my resolution won’t be to lose weight!

How you learn your healthy habits is very much a personal journey, but for me I surround myself with healthy images, motivating pictures and interesting articles. For me I use my tumblr account where I follow other blogs who post pictures that inspire me to be fit and healthy, plus it’s great for finding workouts, challenges and information. I also subscribe to Zest Magazine on my iPhone, which cost me £19.99 for the whole year, which I think is a bargain! I also enjoy challenging myself and after completing my own Festive flat Tum Challenge and getting some great results, I am now going to follow the Love Your Body Challenge from the Tone It Up Girls. I know that Jayne from Miss Jayne Becca is a huge Tone It Up fan and will be doing this challenge also, so if you want to join us let us know, we can support each other! Having that support and encouragement makes it so much easier to stick to as well!

What do you think? Are you going to aim for healthy this year? How do you motivate yourself? Any tips, let me know!


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  1. My motivation is the number I see on the scale. I try not to weigh myself everyday, but when I see the number on the scale go up I know I need to tweek something. Happy New Year!Fannywww.pinstripedpenguin.com


  2. Vanese says:

    Love this Cat, posts like these really help to motivate me! 🙂 This year I'm trying to go healthy, drinking lots or water, green tea and trying to eat the right foods. I am also taking part in the 30 day shred, it's a challenge but it's so rewarding at the same time! :)Vanesevanzthemachinee.blogspot.comx


  3. Jayne Becca says:

    Thanks for the mention Cat! This year I want to be in the best shape of my life and what better way to start than challenging yourself! I am so pleased that you've decided to do the Love Your Body challenge! xx


  4. LoLy says:

    Hay :)I am new around your blog and I like it! I am your latest follower, I hope you will follow my blog too :)xoxohttp://abudhabifood.blogspot.com


  5. Totally agree with this, it was always my resolution every year until last Aug when I joined a Slimming World group and decided to do something about my health/weight/fitness for good. It is a lifestyle change, fad diets might work for the short term but you just end up piling it back on! I've lost 2.5stone so far! Still a way to target though!If you don't mind I'm going to print some of your motivational pictures and stick them to my fridge!Happy New Year! Jen xxhttp://kitsch-n-sync.blogspot.com


  6. Stumbled across your blog and I'm so glad I did! This post was exactly what I needed to read – I have been working on getting into shape for the past month (attending a boot camp class, eating fresh food, etc.) and haven't really made many breakthroughs in weight loss yet. I'm beginning to feel kinda defeated, almost to the point where I don't even want to go to boot camp tomorrow. But I love your images and your message – I know I can't give up so quickly, results will come :)Thanks so much!-Sarahwww.sweetandsavorylife.com


  7. Cat0805 says:

    I don't dare step on a scale, but at least you know what spurs you on and it works! I hope you have a happy and healthy new year 😀


  8. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks so much Vanese… so happy to help motivate you! It sounds like you have the right attitude to your healthy and fitness and I can't recommend the 30 day shred enough! It is a really good workout, and soooo effective! Let me know how you get on 😀


  9. Cat0805 says:

    No problem darling, you inspire me to be fit and healthy as you work hard at it! I'm excited to get started with the challenge 😀 xxx


  10. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks, I will check out your blog 😀


  11. Cat0805 says:

    Wow go you!!! that is absolutely fantastic! I too spent far to long with diets and fads, nearly 4 years of it, and like you started to change my lifestyle in August and have lost 13 inches and two dress sizes as a result. You are more than welcome to print them out, that what they are there to do, to motivate you! There are a lot more on my tumblr blog- FitCurves if you want a look 😀


  12. Cat0805 says:

    Remember if you give up because you aren't seeing results, you still won't get results when you have given up… surely it's better to try than not to try! It sounds like you are doing it the right way, with a healthy diet and regular exercise and with this way it does take some time for your body to change, but when it does change it will stay that way for longer… the longer it takes to lose weight the less likely it will come back! You need to also change your workout routine every 6 weeks (just tweak it) as your body hits a plateau and stops working out as hard and you wont see results so quickly, so be sure to mix it up in a couple of weeks. Add a new workout class to your routine or try some strength training.I really hope you stick at it…as I said its a lifestyle change not a 6 week plan 😀 All the best lovely xxxx


  13. As a nutritionist I love the whole concept of your blog! Well done – keep going with it girl.http://forcailini.blogspot.com


  14. Cat0805 says:

    Aww thankyou!! This comment has made my day, love to be supported by a professional 😀


  15. kingeryt2 says:

    Awesome post! I agree with the sentiment and hope 2014 is the year in which my resolution is something other than to lose weight as well!http://thelifeofyouraveragetwenty-something.blogspot.com/


  16. Cat0805 says:

    So happy that you too are aiming for the right thing 😀 Health equals happiness 😀 Hope you've have a good week xx


  17. Limes Smiles says:

    The past 2 years I learned to eat healthy in such a way that I do not go on diets anymore and every now and then I still make my tastebuds happy but in a healthy way!! I just blogged about it: part one of my series http://limesandsmiles.blogspot.com/2013/01/on-to-better-health-drinks.htmlNow I am beginning to realllly want to tone up! Not like very muscly, just tone up, you know get a bit tighter hahaha I already begun with this the past months and want to do this more this year! I too notice that pictures motivate me 🙂 so I am with you!! Lots of loveIxx


  18. Love this, Cat! Hope you're off to a great start with your resolutions! I decided to hop on the 365 miles in 365 days challenge with ya, can't wait to start running again!


  19. Cat0805 says:

    Congratulations to you darling! I will give your post a little read, always love the extra motivation. I agree with you there, toning up to be tighter not big and muscly… so many people have the misconception that if girls lift weights they will look like a body builder when in fact you just look hot 😀


  20. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks 😀 Yeah good for you! Keep in touch and let me know how its going x


  21. Shen says:

    Great post. I love using searching for fitspo on instagram for some on the go inspiration. Hopefully I will have some abs before summer, I'm now focusing on my ultimate body fat rather than goal weight. I'm happy with my weight now just need to get rid of the last bit of fat.xx


  22. I seem to comment on all your fitness Friday posts haha but it's so refreshing hearing someone calling it a lifestyle change and not a "diet." You see too many girls on the internet trying to lose weight fast and it just doesn't work that way! x x


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