Festive Flat Tum Week 1| Highs & Lows


*Images from Tumblr*

As many of you will know this past week I have been following my Festive Flat Tum Challenge, and as a result will be posting regular Fitness Friday posts on my highs and lows of the week gone by, plus some motivation for both you and I. This weeks are as follows;


This week I did not get off to as strong of a start as I wanted. I have been really struggling to wake up in the mornings… why is it so dark?! So have missed my morning workouts which is not good! I must do better next week! I have been trying to get to bed earlier so I will get into a routine of falling asleep earlier so I will find waking up less of a struggle!


Diet! This week my eating has been great, I’ve been eating clean and feel great because of it! I have not eaten crisps or chocolate, my only treat has been a cupcake on Cake Day at work, so I am giving myself a pat on the back for this!

I am also really pleased that I have ran 2 5k’s this week, although they are not the quickest, I am still pleased as this is the longest I have ran on the treadmill so far. I can run 5k outside easily as it is more interesting, but the treadmill bores me so much! So to stay on it for longer than 15 minutes is torture!

This next week I aim to get up earlier in the mornings and get my morning workout in, as well as keep up my daily cardio with the aim to run another 3 5ks! This next week I am going to take my body measurements, and some pictures, so I have something to mark my progress with. I am not weighing myself as believe this only demotivates myself. Anyways measuring inches lost is a much healthier way to analyse your health and fitness than being obsessed with the weighting scale. Scales do not take in to account muscle gained, and a toned body is much healthier and sexier than a skinny body with no definition!

Are you stepping up your health and fitness in time to look great for Christmas? What have you done this week to make yourself proud? What fitspiration do you use to keep yourself motivated?


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  1. Ember Drake says:

    Congrats on your two 5ks – that's a real achievement! 🙂 I'm stepping up my fitness regime in time for Christmas too – spinning twice per week and zumba once (though I did skip one spin class this week)Pinterest is great for motivation though! I like pinning inspirational quotes like the ones you've got above! Emxhttp://emberdrake.blogspot.co.uk


  2. Well done you 🙂 When I started getting myself back in shape, I bought a belt, deliberately sized so I could only just fasten it on the first hole, and even then by breathing in. There was, and still is, a great motivation to make it looser and move on to the next hole. I'm now on the fourth, having lost lots of inches, and am working towards making it to the fifth.


  3. Jayne Becca says:

    I love the motivational pictures! Well done on the two 5ks as well! Great achievement – doesn't matter how fast you – you're lapping everyone else on the couch! Keep it up next week 7 can't wait to see your next update! xx


  4. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks Em! Was tough but I was really pleased with myself. Go you for stepping it up! Think its needed with all the excess that we all eat at Christmas 😀 Thanks for your comment xx


  5. Cat0805 says:

    Wow thats a great idea! May have to do that myself. I did put on one of my favourite belts on Friday night to find that it hung off me, so have probably lost a good couple of inches on my waist! 😀


  6. Cat0805 says:

    Thank Jayne! I love reading quote like this etc, regularly check out Tumblr for fitspiration! I know, I tell myself that all the time! And even if I only run 1 mile it's still better than no miles 😀 xx


  7. I agree there's no point weighing yourself, you can look thinner/more toned but actually end up weighing more than when you started! Well done sounds like you're doing well so far 🙂 I've taken a photo of myself too, it's definitely the best way (along with measuring) to monitor how far you've come 🙂


  8. Beccy says:

    I love the idea of the Festive Flat Tum – I definitely think I could benefit from this! I completely agree about running on the treadmill – it's so dull, I much prefer running outside, but it does get tricky when it's dark so early! x


  9. Great post!Inspiration is what I get from reading your blog, So that deserves a new follower :)Love your style and see you as such as good inspiration!!Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time Love, Janicethe-fashion-milkshake.blogspot.nl


  10. Cat0805 says:

    I know I can't wait to get a little comparison picture of before and after, will be great 😀


  11. Cat0805 says:

    Feel free to join me darling, it's always good to better yourself, and what better occasion than Christmas 😀 It's not great running in the dark, but I prefer it to the treadmill 😀 x


  12. Cat0805 says:

    Thank you so much for your kind comments! I will check out your blog 😀


  13. Nerza says:

    The quotes are really inspiring.Walking/running is the best and easiest exercise.Thanks for sharing.I am following you now,Please follow back.www.fashionerza.com


  14. LottsandLots says:

    I haven't been to the gym as much as I should you have inspired me to get going again. Good luck with your challenge I'll keep ready to see how you get on. Lotts x


  15. Since I started trying to join in with the challenge I've had three extra workouts which is really good for me. I'd forgotten how brutal Jillian is!


  16. Cat0805 says:

    I love running! Great for blowing the cobwebs out your head, and getting rid of stress or anger 😀


  17. Cat0805 says:

    Thank darling. Glad to have inspired you, good luck with getting back to it 😀


  18. Cat0805 says:

    This is great to hear!! So happy you have joined it! Jillian is a beast lol 😀


  19. Sam says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  20. Sam says:

    I haven't been to the gym in weeks because of the winter blues, staying in and sleeping seems so much better at the time! Hopefully your blog can inspire me to get back to it! Also can you recommend some comfort food that isn't totally bad for you? I eat more in winter and need something healthy to snack on at night! Thanks!www.SamuelJamesMorris.com


  21. Cat0805 says:

    I'm starting to feel like that atm, have little motivation but I'm still dragging myself around, just enjoying it a lot less! Popcorn is a great snack to nibble on in front of the tv in the winter, just make sure you make it yourself and add a little salt, or chilli flakes… don't eat the sweet kind you get in the cinema… calories galore! Or make your own oven baked crisps with vegetables like parsnip/ beetroot and potato. Everything is Ok in moderation though, so if you fancy something sweet have a small portion 😀 Thanks for your question, lovely blog btw, now following 😀


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