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A little update for you all. To be honest I have not been up to much recently, as I have been pretty much tied to Kendal as I am dog sitting for my mum while she is honeymooning in Hawaii… so jealous! So apart from the weekends when my boy comes down to visit, I have been keeping the company of two very lively and sometimes annoying dogs and working hard at work. However despite the lack of excitement in my life these past few weeks I have still taken plenty of pictures.. blogging problems.

  • Walk with a view- Last Sunday I dragged my man on a nice long walk with the dogs, the view is the view from the top of the hill I run up, it over looks all of Kendal and across to Oxenholme. I am really enjoying the change in weather, yes the rain sucks, but it rains all year here in Lake District anyway. Its the crisp cold days I am loving.

  • Clean brushes mean a clean face- I admit, I am not great with washing my makeup brushes, yes beauty blogger cardinal sin. However last weekend I bought some baby shampoo and spent a good hour washing all my brushes, and the difference in them is amazing! I must keep this up as my makeup looks so much better after applying it with clean brushes.

  • Are you breast aware? My Breast Cancer post this past week has received some great feedback. I wasn’t sure on whether to publish it at first as I did not want to offend or lecture anyone, but as it is something close to my heart, and something that is affecting my family right this moment I wanted to talk about it and am glad I have after all your lovely comments. I hope I have helped some of you be more breast aware.

  • Drinking green, eating clean- After over indulging both before and after my mums wedding, I haven’t been feeling too great so decided to embark on a bit of a detox to kick start my healthy eating regime. You may have seen the post below that talks about it. I essentially have been eating and drinking homemade smoothies and soups and having a healthy dinner, very simple, but effective.

  • Autumn television- Oh yes, oh yes oh yes! Gossip Girl is back! I am totally obsessed with this programme! I am so sad it is the last season, I won’t know what to do with myself.

  • Puppy cuddles- Pretty self explanatory!

  • Wednesday is treat day- This has to be one of the highlights of my week. I came home form work on Wednesday to this scone and note from my lovely neighbour who has been helping me look after the dogs while I am at work. She attends Weight-Watchers with my mum on a Wednesday morning, so after the meeting they always go for coffee and a treat, and this week she brought me a treat… how lovely!

  • Cani-x- As I have restarted my healthy living regime again, I have been out on the fells running with my dogs again. It proves a bit more difficult to run down hills when its muddy, I find I slip a lot more and the dogs attached to me pulling like crazy really don’t help. It’s all still fun (until they pull me over).

  • Luscious lashes- I had temporary lash inserts applied over two weeks ago, and they are still surviving! Yes there are some gaps but this picture was taken just before I went to bed, so you can see I can still get away without wearing any mascara. A blog post will be coming up.

  • Domestic Goddess- Baking at the weekend is something I love to do, I just have to try and not eat all my batch at once. This week I made peanut butter and chocolate squares

  • Christmas Presents- I am already buying Christmas presents! Firstly I want to be organised and spread the cost, but secondly it’s because I’m already excited! I am a little Christmas crazy!

  • Christmas Chocolates- Again as I am Christmas crazy these were purchased and soon consumed by me and my man this weekend… whoops. Back to the smoothies tomorrow!


What has been the highlight of your week? Have you had a quiet one like me?

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?


22 Comments Add yours

  1. Jacquina Lee says:

    I just saw this post after I posted a comment on the chat about this kind of post 🙂 haha. I love these picture summary posts and did my first one today, I think they give a real insight into someones day to day life. I think yours is a bit more interesting than mine though haha. xo


  2. How cute is the puppy?! Is it yours? I am also massively excited about the return of gossip girl!! Next Weds eeek! 🙂 xx


  3. Lauren says:

    peanut butter and chocolate squares?! I need these in my life! xo


  4. Cat0805 says:

    I know I love them too! I'm usre it's not darling, I've had quite a quiet and boring week lol xx


  5. Cat0805 says:

    He is adorable and yeah he's mine. Well my mums, but I've taken over as favorite now I think, probably because I'm soft. I'v watched it online already! Couldn't wait 😀


  6. Cat0805 says:

    They are very rich, but very yummy, plus super easy to make 😀


  7. Sandra says:

    I'm obsessed with Gossip Girl! I can't believe there are only 10 more episodes! I'm gonna cry when it'll be over. The Puzzle of Sandra's Life


  8. Cat0805 says:

    I know, I cry all the time at it! I will be devastated when it finishes. I'm glad I've found a girl with the same obsession 😀 xx


  9. Laura says:

    you've got me all excited for christmas! you have a lovely blog and i've just started following.hope you'll pop over and say hi sometime, it'd be lovely to chat to you somtime.hope to hear from you soon, laura xx


  10. FBTemily says:

    Love Gossip Girl, can't believe it is the last series, makes me a bit sad! xxx


  11. Abi says:

    Aww your puppy is such a cutie!! Lovely blog, just started following you 🙂 xx


  12. Marta says:

    Love these posts! I can't wait for Christmas too 🙂 I have to admit I stopped watching GG after fourth season because I was bored of everyone being with everyone. Maybe I'll give it another chance.xx


  13. Adriana says:

    great pictures =) oh wow the cake/brownies or whatever that is looks delicious!thanks for following I followed back!


  14. Hello beautiful. I know your blog. I love your style and you're very pretty;) You have a new follower. I invite you to know my blog. I'd love to get your visit 🙂 A big hug,


  15. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks so much Laura. I will definitely check out your blog 😀


  16. Cat0805 says:

    I know! I'm gonna be so sad! Boooo! xx


  17. Cat0805 says:

    Thank Abi,l he may be cute but he is also a terror, he's been eating my cushion recently! xx


  18. Cat0805 says:

    Haha that is true, but that;s also why I love it lol xx


  19. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks, its like a cake/biscuit, quite strange but very yummy 😀 xx


  20. Cat0805 says:

    Hi there, thanks so much for your lovely comment, I will be checking out your blog 😀 xxx


  21. Thanks for the visit I'm following you now :-)Your blog is lovely. ..detox sounds like a great idea befor xmas I have to try it myself xxx


  22. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks so much lovely! I would be great to do before Christmas, perfect for looking great in your party dress 😀 xxx


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