One BBQ, Two Parties in One Night| OOTD

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Dress- Dorothy Perkins // Shoes- New Look

Well I have had a busy weekend indeed! I visited Leeds which is the home city of my boyfriend. Normally we have a relaxing few days and catch up with his family and friends. However this was not the case this time, as we found ourselves being double booked. We had his Mum’s birthday BBQ and party, as well as his friends birthday night out; both on the Saturday night! So we had a bit of shuffling around to do… literally. We ended up spending the afternoon at his parents BBQ then going out to the bars in town in the evening with his friends, and then went back to his parents to finish off the partying. So at the end of it we were both very tried, and very drunk! It seems when you have two parties you end up drinking twice as much… my body was not thankful the next day!

I had a great weekend, regardless, but was very tired come Sunday night! I did also treat myself this weekend to a new iPhone! I have been due an upgrade for some time now, but being a busy student then worker I never got round to it, however now I have had it for 5 days I wouldn’t know what to do without it… I am in love with it! I am also completely addicted to Instagram now, as you can see from the Widget on the right hand side.

Anyways onto my outfit! I wore my new dress from Dorothy Perkins after I finally treated myself to a few sale items. The dress cost me only £10, down from around £32, and I think the cut is flattering and the colour screams summer, a great little bargain! I wore it with my blue New Look heels which I was originally going to wear at my graduation before I got my Louboutins. Again I love my shoes, they only cost £17 and have a very chunky heel. I wore them from 6 in the evening till about 3 in the morning, without any Party Feet and had no pressure or pain on the balls of my feet at all, so they are very comfortable.

What did you get up to this weekend? Did you have a relaxing one or a wild one?

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20 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura x says:

    You look gorgeous in that dress! Such a lovely colour and fit 🙂 xx


  2. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks so much darling 😀


  3. love the outfit! so classy and you look stunning :)xxo


  4. Marissa says:

    That dress cut is so flattering on you! It really hits in all thr right places, doesn't it??Thanks for the blog advice! Just voted for you!xomarissa


  5. Cece says:

    It looks good! Loving the eye makeup here, drop by to my blog! xo


  6. I am hoping for a relaxing one. You look lovely in red. Your makeup is nice too.Beauty and Fashion in Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews


  7. Beth says:

    Love the outfit, and the smoky eyes look great too! xx


  8. great versatile dress you can wear to different occasions :)Would love if you could check out my latest outfit post?Jess


  9. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks Christine, such a bargain aswell 😀


  10. Cat0805 says:

    No probelm on the advice, hopes it helps, and thank you so so much for voting 😀 xxx


  11. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks darling, will check it out xx


  12. Cat0805 says:

    I'm definitely having a relaxing one this weekend. Thanks for your kind words x


  13. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks beth. I love a good smokey eye, such an easy yet glamourous look 😀


  14. Cat0805 says:

    I know, I can definitely dress it up or down. I will certainly check out your blog darling 😀 xx


  15. shifa says:

    Lovely dress! and you got it for such a bargain 😀 haha xxx


  16. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks darling, it's always a better dress when its a bargain 😀


  17. Lauren Jade says:

    Gorgeous makeup! xPs Currently hosting a giveaway on my blog for a pair of galaxy print leggings! Pop over for a chance to win!


  18. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks darling 😀


  19. Sara says:

    I love your outfit and these pictures, you look so good and that dress is really beautiful, the color, the shape, the length are all perfect also your makeup rocks and you are really beautiful! Your blog is lovely by the way and I am a new follower on GFC and Bloglovin! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


  20. Cat0805 says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words, and for following. I will swiftly check out your blog xxx


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