Zara and Ebay loves


My frustration, stress and upset ceased today when my two deliveries, which I have been waiting on for 6 weeks and 2 weeks finally landed on my doorstep. Missing deliveries over and over again is one of the biggest pains in my life; first world problems I know! Anyways when I finally received my order items the wait was worth it.

The first bag pictured is from Ebay, and lusted after it after seeing another blogger talking about it in her video. It cost me £12.99 and is inspired by the Yves Saint Laurent clutch bag, hence the ‘Y’. It is a large clutch bag that can fit easily a A4 note book, or even slimmer laptops. I love that it has detachable straps as it means I can sport it in the evening as a clutch, or during the day for work with the strap.

The second bag is the now notorious Zara messenger bag with rose gold detailing, priced at only £19.99. I was surprised at the size, as thought it would be smaller, but this does not mean I don’t love it, the bigger the better with my bags, as I seem to carry everything around with me. The external material is very soft, and the inside is very roomy. I think this is the bag I’m going to use when I go to Finland in 3 weeks, but sure I’ll be using it before then.

Overall they are two perfect and welcomed additions to my wardrobe. However I must now stop spending my money, as even though I’m going to look amazing with my new wardrobe in Finland, I won’t have any spending money if I continue!


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  1. Great bag. Looks stylish and roomy.


  2. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks, I love them! 😀


  3. Thanks for your lovely comment hun, really appreciated! love the bags, have actually had my eye on both of them for a while, particularly love the Zara one.


  4. Cat0805 says:

    No problem darling. The Zara one is lush, think a lot of people in blog land have it now 😀


  5. In love with ZARA bags at the moment, i actually have the black version of your grey one 😀 advise everyone to purchase at least if not both colours!!!Natalie xxx


  6. Cat0805 says:

    I know there are some gorgeous ones 😀 I wish I had the money for all the colours xx


  7. Love that Zara bag, I have the same clutch and I love it, it's fits my iPad in so well. 🙂 xxx


  8. Adela says:

    Great buys! Totally understand your frustration. I'm very impatien and hate waiting ages for things to arrive :)Adela


  9. Cat0805 says:

    Love that it fits an iPad in, such a trendy holder for it 😀


  10. Cat0805 says:

    Its awful missing parcels… really annoys me, glad they finally came 😀


  11. Ooh I keep seeing this bag EVERYWHERE . I want it so badly : [ Hurry up payday !


  12. Cat0805 says:

    I know, I think most bloggers have it now! Such a great buy though 😀


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