OPI Strawberry Margarita| NOTD

OPI-Strawberry MargaritaOPI-Strawberry MargaritaOPI-Strawberry MargaritaOPI-Strawberry Margarita

*OPI-Strawberry Margarita* *Topshop-White*

It may be windy. It may be cold. I may be wet and rainy, and it may be the start of hay-fever season, but it won’t get me down. Especially when I’m sporty happy spring time nails like these! How can anyone be blue when your nails are so bright and summery; reminding me of flowers.

Its simple pleasure such as this that make days a little bit more cheery. I even managed to impress all my friends and brighten up our study session in the library today.

What simple pleasure has made you smile today? I hope you have all had a lovely day also.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicola says:

    Lovely nails xxprincesstinks.blogspot.com


  2. Cute nails, such lovely colours they go so well together!Emma xhttp://beautyandrags.blogspot.co.uk/


  3. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks darling 😀


  4. color is absolutely gorgeous. you did great!xoxojasmineAdamAlexMommy


  5. Cat0805 says:

    Such a cheery colour 😀 Thanks x


  6. kia says:

    Oooh such a pretty colour! Wish i could do polka dots as good as you, i'm awful! x


  7. Cat0805 says:

    Thanks, I thought these were pretty sruffy lol x


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