A Week in pictures

So I have unfortunately been super busy with university work this past week, so I feel like my posts aren’t really interesting, and my lovely followers deserve more than that, so please accept my apologies.

The story behind the photos;

I am meant to be starting my health kick this week, so this doughnut was one of my last treats. I am back onto a diet of smoothies for breakfast, chicken wraps or soup for lunch, and a healthy low carb dinner. I also need to up my exercise again, as I am feeling really unfit.

Tuna meet the world, everyone meet Tuna! This is a cat that occasionally pops into our flat, he is extremely friendly and loves tuna (hence the name). I assume he has a home, as he has a collar and is well fed and groomed, but he just likes to pop by and say hello and give me some cuddles. He’s a very welcome visitor.

This is my new favourite mug that I received for Christmas, it has it’s own cosy! Wow! I am a massive tea lover!

As I said previously I am extremely snowed under with university assignments at the moment. In my final year, and still manage to leave it till last minute… argh! So as of Friday I will be more free, although still having  the dreaded dissertation.

This is my little treat that I bought after work. Total sum of £26.. bargain! Love Primark for some little gems every now and again.

I hope you all had a great previous week, and have a good week.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Kim says:

    All I have to say to the doughnut is OM NOM NOMIm on a diet too, so boring but has to be done for January (im doing the Rodial crash diet!)Kimhttp://whatkimmididnext.blogspot.com/


  2. Kath says:

    Aw lovely cat! Adopting an animal is such a wonderful thing to do and so rewarding! x


  3. Terri says:

    This post involves a cat, I like cats!http://helloterrilowe.blogspot.com/


  4. Cat0805 says:

    @Kim the doughnut was incredible :DI have slipped off my healthy eating this past week due to long hours at the library, but as of Monday I will be right back on it 😀 Goo luck with your diet hun xx


  5. Cat0805 says:

    @Kath, Well it's not officially adopted by me, I'm just it's second home, he pops in to brighten my day 😀


  6. Cat0805 says:

    @Terri Thanks for your comment. He's a lovely little cat, extremely friendly and loves cuddles x


  7. h0lliedays says:

    Love the Christmas mug soo cute! Great post:)


  8. Cat0805 says:

    @h0lliedays Its the best mug in the world! I love it 😀


  9. Jetleyface says:

    Aw Tuna the Cat is a wonderful name x


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