Presents and more Presents



So this Christmas I was a very lucky girl and many lovely things for Christmas. I do truly love gifts. Not just receiving but also buying, wrapping and giving, I have actually been buying and planning my family’s gifts since October. I always insist on people opening them in front of me as well, as there is no greater pleasure than giving someone a gift and them truly loving it!
 I got the usual smellies, perfume, beauty products, and many vouchers to buy clothes. I also received the lovely snowman charm for my bracelet, and from my boyfriend an organised trip to Edinburgh Zoo to go and see the Panda Bears… which I am hugely excited for.
What was everyone else’s favourite present?

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  1. Cathy says:

    Wow! You're a super lucky girl. :D–Mind checking out my blog? (


  2. Carissa says:

    awww the snowman is so cute!! you got some lovely presents :)Carissa xx


  3. Cat0805 says:

    @Girlieblogger I know, I was very lucky 😀


  4. Cat0805 says:

    @Cathy Thanks. Love your blog, keep up the great posts 😀


  5. Cat0805 says:

    @Carissa The snowman is adorable, he's all glittery, I love it 😀


  6. I love the muffin maker ! It's such a great invention lol It would be so useful for someone as lazy as me haha


  7. Cat0805 says:

    @blackvelvetandlace Thanks for your comment 😀 I can't wait to use it! Xx


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