Snooki’s Weight Loss

snooki weight loss

I have been following Snooki’s weight loss for a while now, as she frequents my twitter, and is often mentioned on websites and magazines I read. I never really thought she was massively huge, like the media portrayed her to be. Yes she was a bit overweight for the height she is, but not massively. Now she has been losing weight, she looks great, I just hope she doesn’t go too far as I know she has had eating disorders in the past. She admitted to battling both anorexia and bulimia in high school, and once only weighed 80lbs. She told OK magazine “There were these little freshman girls, and I was scared that these little freshmen girls were going to take my spot [in the  cheer-leading squad]. I just started eating salads… and then I got to a point where I was just eating a cracker a day. I was down to 80 pounds. I almost died.”

I know that her current weight-loss is credited to weight loss tablets called Zantrex. She stated on her twitter that she eats less, workout more, but credits the pills for her transformation. The pills are fat burning tablets, which have also been used by Britney Spears.The side effects include palpitations, anxiety, cold sweats, nausea, diarrhoea, increased heart rate and irritability. On the website it states that the tablets just cause fat loss, not body weight loss, and that they should be taken twice a day, two in the morning and two with your main meal.

Personally I admit, I have been tempted in the past to resort to miracle weight-loss tablets, but never have. I believe now that every person is capable of changing their body without taking pills and tablets that cause such dangerous side effects. I would be too scared of the side effects to take any of these fat-loss tablets. I think especially celebrities who have access to personal trainers and nutritionists (most of us don’t have the pennies so such luxuries) should be losing weight the healthy way through exercise and healthy eating. For us without these luxuries become your own personal trainer and nutritionist, educate yourself. There are thousands of free websites to read up on what you need to do to change your body if you have the desire to.

What do you think of celebrities using weight loss tablets? What do you think of weight loss tablets in general? Do you think that someone with a history of eating disorders should be taking weight loss tablet?


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  1. Dear, you're body is same as mine. And it's beautiful – were beautiful.:) Inside and Out!


  2. Cat0805 says:

    @GirlieBlogger Yeah she does look great, much more healthy, despite not loosing the weight in the healthiest way 😀


  3. Cat0805 says:

    @TheFashionBoss-Joyce Thanks for your comment darling 😀


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