X factor Final- Who wins the fashion war

I am currently writing this post as I watch the X factor final. As always the female judges have been pitted against each other in a style war. This year has been different due to the arrival of the two new judges Kelly and Tulisa as they both have styles that are different to each other, but also to the previous judges (Danni and Cheryl)
So lets see how the judges faired each week, and who wins the style war in my eyes
Week 1- Kelly Wins
Tulisa week 1 SaturdayKelly Rowland week one Saturday
Tulisa week 1 SundayKelly Rowland week one Sunday
Saturdays outfits- I do not like the print on Kelly’s dress, but love the cut, and I love Tulisa’a dress, however the whole ensemble is a bit bland, it could of done with a pop of colour from shoes or accessories.
Sundays outfits- I adore Kelly’s dress, Tulisa’s is a nice design, but it looks a bit cheap.
Week 2- Kelly Wins
Tulisa week 2Kelly week 2
Tulisa Week 2Kelly week 2
Saturdays outfits-  I’m not very keen on either dress, Tulisa looks a bit messy, and Kelly’s is a nice dress, but a bit to tame and demure for Saturday night tv.
Sunday’s outfits- Wow! Both are very booby! Both a gorgeous dresses in their own right. Tulisa’s is fun, and very much suits her, and Kelly’s is very glamorous. I’m going to base my decision on what I would wear personally, so Kelly wins.
Week 3- Tulisa Wins
Tulisa week 3 Kelly week 3
Tulisa week 3 Kelly week 3
Saturday’s outfits- Kelly looks like a dominatrix, and Tulisa does also, but a little less so. Kelly is wearing too many accessories for my liking.
Sunday’s outfits- I love both dresses, even is Tulisa’s make her look like giant Quality Street chocolate, but it is very on trend with the sequins and jewel colours, and I love the colour blocking with her shoes.
Week 4- Tulisa Wins
Tulisa week 4Alexandra Burke
 TulisaAlexandra Burke wk 4
Dear oh dear, not a good week. Alexandra Burke stepped in for Kelly for the week, and did not impress.
Saturday’s outfits- Tulisa was clearly dressing up for Halloween, a shocking outfit, not X factor worthy. Alexandra’s dress is OK, but not flattering for her figure at all, the whole outfit makes her look short and barrel like.
Sunday’s outfits- again I’m not keen on either. But I love the cut of Tulisa’s very flattering and ladylike for her.
Week 5- Kelly Wins
Week 5Week 5
Week 5 Week 5
Saturday’s outfits- Tulisa’s headband is awful, it looks like the one’s I used to wear when I was 6. She looks uncomfortable in her dress, maybe a little too short for her. Kelly’s dress is gorgeous, but looks a bit bridesmaidy for Saturday night TV.
Sunday’s outfits- Tulisa’s dress is very pretty, I dislike the shoes though. Kelly’s dress is gorgeous, very similar to the dress from Saturday in terms of cut and fabric, but it is a little sexier.
Week 6- Kelly Wins
Week 6Week 6
TulisaKelly Rowland
Saturdays outfits- I love Tulisa”s dress, she actually looks more high fashion than high street which she looks many nights. Good on Kelly for mixing it up with the suit.
Sundays outfits- Tulisa looks like she is wrapped in tinfoil, oh dear. Kelly’s dress is simplistic but yet detailed, I am in love with it.
Week 7- Tulisa Wins
Week 7Week 7
Week 7Week 7
Saturday’s- Tulisa’s dress is nice, a bit safe I think, but it works for her. Kelly’s dress is very summery, and sexy. I love the detail on the top of the dress, and mixing the beading there with the glittery shoes.
Sunday’s- Kelly looks like a Quality Dress chocolate. It does not look good in anyway. Tulisa’s dress is beautiful, again jewel tones are very in at the moment.
Week 8- Kelly Wins
Week 8Week 8
Week 8Week 8
Saturdays outfit-  Tulisa is obviously in fancy dress as a bumble bee, the dress is also very frumpy. Kelly’s dress does not impress me much, it looks a little cheap, but the colour blocking is good.
Sunday’s outfit- Tulisa’s outfit looks cheap, and it was revealed by a sharp eyed viewer that when she had her back turned to the camera her dress was see-through, not good! Kelly’s dress is simple yet stunning and I love the added colour from the shoes.
Week 9- Kelly Wins
Week 9Week 9
Week 9Week 9
Saturdays outfit- I love Tulisa’s dress, its very different to others she had worn. Kelly’s is cute, but I’m not mad about it, the whole ensemble is a bit bland.
Sunday’s outfits- Tulisa’s dress is cute, but I’m not loving the bracelets she is wearing. Kelly’s dress is everything I love about the glitter trend going on at the moment.
Overall, Kelly wins, but I’m pretty disappointed with the fashion this year. At no moment, did my jaw drop when they entered the stage. My heart has not fallen for a single outfit.
In my honest opinion, these two have nothing on Danni and Cheryl. I much prefer their style to Kelly and Tulisa (and I don”t even particularly like Cheryl)

What do you guys think? Do you have a favourite outfit? Or am I totally wrong in my choices?


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