Harper Beckham| Four Months and Fabulous

harper beckham-tile

How fabulous is Harper Beckham? More importantly how fabulous is Victoria Beckham!

Victoria Beckham has always been a huge favourite of mine. I was never one of her many haters she seems to have and have always been a big defender of hers. I completely love how she has now proved her haters wrong and become a successful fashion designer. Like she says in her own words “Our turnover year-over-year has increase over 120 percent. I think to anyone’s standards that’s pretty impressive.”

She is often given a hard time in the press here, about how she always carries Harper around like she’s an accessory, yes she would be safer in a pram, but she is not the first celebrity to show off their child. Plus at least she is spending time with her child, and does not leave her with a nanny at all times while she flies around the world.

Today Victoria is getting a hard time for spending £30 on a pair of Chloe tights for Harper, but come on, the Beckham’s are worth millions, so why can’t they spend their money on their children. Plus it is all about relevance. To many spending £30 on a pair on tights for a baby is absurd, as that could be the cost of a meal out at a restaurant, or near the cost of a weekly shop for one. But to the Beckhams, who’s income is higher, so their spending will be higher, £30 for tights would have the same significance as one of us mere mortals spending £5 on tights.

What is your opinion on the Beckhams, do you love them or loathe them?


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  1. YB* says:

    I don't know how she does it! After every pregnancy its like as if her fat just melts away within an hour of giving birth…http://carpe-diem13.blogspot.com/


  2. Cat0805 says:

    She must work dam hard. I suppose you would if you were one of the most photographed people in the world 😀 x


  3. victoria looks amazing. thanks for sharing the photos. your new blog is fabulous! enjoyed browsing, and i love all the inspirational posts. new follower–hope to stay connected. cheers!jasmine (from usa!)


  4. Cat0805 says:

    @AdamAlexMommy thanks for your comment, made my day. I hope I continue to keep you inspired and entertained. Definitely keeping connected 😀


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