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How Exercise Can Make You Beautiful


There are over a dozen reasons as to why you need to exercise, and we are here to hit you with a few more. Considering the various appeals and forms of beauty, you should also know about the different ways through exercise can make you look beautiful. Apart from the usual list of options, exercise brings out the best in you and pushes you to go forward. So to enhance the very same strategy, here are ways through which exercise makes you look beautiful.


1. A Good State of Mental Health

Mental health is an important aspect that has been receiving the right kind of attention in recent times. Although it should have been given its due sooner, we can be glad about the fact that the time has finally arrived. As a result, it is quite crucial that we look into the many ways to keep our mental state in check. One of the ideal ways to do so would be to exercise and push your body through different forms of the same. By doing so, you will develop a better outlook towards life and be ready to take it on as it comes.


2. Self-Confidence

If you wish to boost your level of self-confidence, then you need not attend a four-hour-long session. Instead, you can exercise and let loose of all the aspects that pull you down. Research and other forms of study have pointed out the benefits of exercise and self-confidence is one among them. By exercising, you are raising a toast to yourself and will be prepared to face many tasks and challenges that are brought forward by life.

3. Smooth and Radiant Skin

Breaking a sweat has more benefits than what one could imagine. Apart from reducing bodywide inflammation, it also regulates significant hormones of your skin and prevents radical damage. This occurs when the tiny arteries in your skin open up, allowing blood to reach the surface and deliver essential nutrients to repair the damage caused by the sun. Due to that, your skin will be radiant and smooth regardless of your age.


4. A Goodnight’s Sleep

Fighting insomnia and other such problems might be a hard task, but it is far from being impossible. With regular exercise, you can get a good night’s sleep since your body would require rest. Apart from helping you sleep, exercise can also push you to wake up on time since you need to get back on the road for cardio. Hence, you need to exercise regularly, follow a suitable diet and be ready to wake up the very next day as a beautiful and confident individual who is prepared for anything.


Fitness Oats Recipe


Since moving into my new place I have been on a mission to overhaul my diet and eat fresher, greener and leaner. I eat regularly with 3 meals and 2 snacks each day, but my breakfast and lunch were not the healthiest. They were more grab and go, think cereal bars and cup-a-soups.

However for the past few weeks I have been frantically researching recipes and have discovered two new breakfasts, one of which I’m going to share with you. This week I’m sharing a recipe that is super healthy, easy to make, and the perfect way to start the day… Overnight Oats!

Overnight oats are essentially oats soaked overnight in any liquid you fancy! The most common mixture is 1/2 of oats, milk and yoghurt. There is absolutely no cooking required so it takes literally minutes to prepare and they are easy to grab as you run out of the door in the morning.

I was dubious at first as I imaged it would just be cold porridge… and who wants to eat that. But the magic with overnight oats is that they can be totally adapted to suit your taste. You can add ingredients the night before and allow them to soak in or just stick with topping your oats with the extra ingredients. Below I am sharing with you my current favourite flavour, but feel free to get creative!

My oats are peanut butter and banana flavoured. The below recipe makes quite a substantial portion but I do a lot of exercise so need it, but if you a more dormant or can’t stomach a big breakfast, try using 1/3 cup of oat,milk and yoghurt. Here’s the recipe;

  • 1/2 cup of rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup of skimmed milk
  • 1/2 cup of low fat natural/greek yoghurt
  • 1/2 mushed banana
  • 1/2 tbs organic peanut butter

All you do is mix all you ingredients together in a bowl. Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge over night. In the morning take them out of the fridge, give it a stir and add whichever toppings you fancy. I add the other half of my banana chopped banana and a small handful of walnuts.

Super Healthy Green Smoothie


Smoothies have to be one of my favourite healthy meals. They are super adaptable, come in a million different flavours, packed full of goodness, easy to make and suitable for breakfast, lunch and snacks. I’ve been upping my smoothie intake recently seems the weather has been so warm. I’ve been having one for breakfast and one for lunch. The one above is the one I have favoured over the past few weeks because it’s packed full of goodness and is making my skin look amazing!

Although it doesn’t look very appealing in the photos I swear it is more of a very deep purple in real life, however it still doesn’t look great. But I swear it tastes perfectly fine! I used to just make fruit and veg smoothies until I decided to take my smoothie to the next level and add some extra goodness to it. Recently I have been using the Fushi Superfood Green Blend and Fushi Chia Seeds in a bid to cram extra nutrients into my meals. I was inspired by Miranda Kerr’s recipe shown in this video. She claims that she swears by this smoothie to start her day everyday and it too is packed full of the nutrients found in Fushi’s Superfood Green Blend. So if a super green health smoothie is good enough for her it is definitely good enough for me!

I adapted her recipe as couldn’t find some of the ingredients she uses, plus I like my smoothies with a bit of fruit in them. So to make my version I use half a banana, handful of mixed berries, a bunch of spinach (natural protein!), apple juice, 1/2 tablespoon of Fushi Superfood Green blend and 1/2 tablespoon of Fushi Chia Seeds.

The benefits to this smoothie are endless!

The Fushi Superfood Green Blend makes it magic, as it contains a whopping 17 powerful superfoods as well as Vitamins C, Zinc and B12. With all the vitamins and nutrients it really is a girls best friends, I definitely noticed a difference in my skin, hair and well being.
The Fushi Chia Seeds I add to upp my intake of fibre, protein and omega-3. With Chia seeds you only need a tiny amount to get the benefit as they are so nutrient rich!
Spinach is a favourite ingredient of mine in smoothies as it is a great source of protein, which means you stay fuller for longer! I swear that you never taste the spinach, so you may as well as it to your next one and make it extra healthy!

Workout 6 Week Six-Pack Abs


It’s that time of the week again, it’s workout time! Firstly, thankyou to you all for the amazing feedback you have given me about this feature. There really are so many of you who say it helps them and inspires them to try something new, and I’m always over the moon to hear that I can help others. I hope that you all workout more that once a week, but even if you only manage the workouts I post on Wednesday, it is a lot better than doing nothing!

As last weeks workout was for the booty this weeks will focus on the majority of people’s problem area the abs. I am currently on a massive mission to gain a flat stomach in time for my birthday in exactly 4 weeks time! I currently have a little flabby bit on my lower abs and would love for it to be gone by then. Obviously abs are gained in the gym but shown in the kitchen so I am upping the strength moves for my abs but also trying my best to eat clean and lean so I can reduce my body fat and start to show off some of my abs.

The below workout is from one of my favourite trainers Jillian Michaels. Jillian is to credit for the 30 Day Shred that I’m sure many of you have heard of, but in America she is most know for being the tough trainer on The Biggest Loser. She takes crap from no one and makes them work hard, but after watching her on many programs it is easy to see that she truly cares about her “victims” and only wants them to be the best they can be.

This workout is similar to the 30 Day Shred but more concentrated on the abs and a little tougher. It really works all the muscles in your middle and makes you sweat. It is only 30 minute long, which is a short workout so there is no excuse not to try it. I have tried it only a handle full of times and found that I have had to adapt a few of the moves until I build up my strength but I am enjoying it.

Stylfile Infuse Moisturising Nail


Curved Nail File

The Stylfile Infuse Moisturising Nail File has the trademarked curved style that helps create a fantastic shape to the nail without any effort. There are two sides to the nail file, a course one for shaping and a smoother side to finish the nails.

Almond Cuticle Oil

The revolutionary addition to this Stylfile nail file is the built-in cuticle oil. Which is fantastic at ensuring you moisturise your nails regularly. The almond cuticle oil did a great job at hydrating and strengthening my nails – it’s definitely helped improve the condition of my nails. The downside of the cuticle oil is that from time to time it does seep out, so it’s much safer to keep the nail file at home rather than your handbag.

My Opinion

My new nail routine includes shaping and buffing the nails with this nail file, then using the built-in cuticle oil to replenish my nails as I’ve learnt that the dust from filing your nails dries out your cuticles. I then apply a strengthening base coat before painting my nails. This combination has really helped the condition of my nails. I think this nail file is a fantastic product and definitely worth the little investment as the built-in oil is kind of a two in one product. Plus the nail file comes with two nail file attachments meaning the Stlyfile can treat your nails for 6 months – that’s a lot of nail painting!

Workout 30 Day Abs Challenge


This weeks workout is again all about the abs… it’s only 6 weeks until June, so it’s definitely time to work at those abs to make sure you look and feel great on holiday! This weeks Wednesday workout is again a challenge, it is the 30 day Abs Challenge from the gorgeous Carly Rowena. Carly is an amazing fitness and beauty blogger who is stunning, has a great attitude to health and fitness and posts regular videos, so if you need some motivation go and check her out! She is definitely one of my favourites and I find her so inspiring and refreshing.

Her 30 day Abs Challenge asks you to workout for only 5 minutes each day for 30 days continually. She gives you 2 moves to carry out for 30 seconds at a time and then repeat then 5 times over. So it is super simple, but will be super effective. As you can see from the picture above, the moves vary each week, and they are all tough! I do a few of these at my Bootcamp Class and can promise you they are tough! However if you want to improve your abs in 30 days with only 5 minutes of work, the work has got to be hard work! You have to put in the effort!

As Carly states in the video, abs are made in the kitchen. To achieve definition and a nice toned middle you need to have a great diet. Abs are 80% diet and 20% exercise, so remember to put in the effort in the kitchen aswell! Carly explains the whole challenge very well in her video, so check it out for info, tips and the demonstration of each of the moves mentioned.



How Exercise Can Make You Beautiful

There are over a dozen reasons as to why you need to exercise, and we are here to hit you with a few more....

Fitness Oats Recipe