Five ways to Zumba fitness fun

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Zumba is a workout I love! When a workout is fun it doesn’t take effort, it isn’t something you dread and it doesn’t feel like a workout – this is what fitness should be like! I’ve participated in a number of Zumba classes, have all the DVDs and even the Wii Zumba game so I am a bit of a fan! Although it isn’t as intensive as the bootcamp style workouts I currently do, Zumba still gets me sweating, gets my heartbeat racing and I definitely feel it working my abs! Sine it’s introduction Zumba has taken the exercise world by storm so if you’re looking to loose weight, get fitter or just have some fun while working out, Zumba could be the class you’re looking for! Based on Latin rhythms, it’s a dance class that’s not only fun, but also offers lasting health benefits. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the five health benefits below that Zumba delivers –

Fat Burning Fun
Depending on whether your class is a beginners or advanced Zumba workout, you could burn off anything from 300 to 600 calories in an hour long class!

Limber Limbs
Many of us have sedentary, computer-based jobs, suffering daily from prolonged periods at a desk as well as repetitive strain in our arms from computing. Couple this with “relaxation” activities such as internet browsing, texting our friends and computer gaming and our arms can really struggle! Zumba’s a dance which allows for any amount of arm action to engage arm muscles throughout the moves as well as lengthening, stretching and easing those tired, cramped shoulder muscles.

Booty Benefits
And speaking of sedentary… one of the most popular benefits of Zumba lies behind the scenes, with the shaking and shaping of that booty! Getting into the rhythm of the music and using the momentum from up and down moves to exercise thigh, hip and glute muscles is really encouraged by Zumba instructors, as this really burns those calories from areas which have literally just been sitting around all day – perfect for getting a top to bottom workout and a peachy booty!

Putting Your Heart Into It
Physically and metaphorically, putting your heart and soul into your Zumba class should bring you plenty of aerobic and cardio benefits, by getting that heart pumping at a consistently higher rate throughout some of the routines, and a healthy release of happy endorphins too!

Finally, there’s something about letting loose on the dance floor that’s totally relaxing, however high impact some of the rhythms might be. And because Zumba features both fast and slower Latin rhythms, there’s always the chance for your body to loosen up as you shake it on down!