5 Ways To Get Exercise Without Exercising

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5 Ways To Get Exercise Without Exercising

Do you find yourself avoiding exercise because it’s boring? Don’t worry you’re not alone, we all do it, but exercise doesn’t HAVE to be boring… there are plenty of fun things you can do that get you the exercise you need but more importantly enjoy doing it. Here are a few…

1. Play basketball

I find that if I try running on a treadmill I’m totally bored within three minutes and I just stare at the timer wanting it to be over. If I play basketball, football, soccer or whatever I can run for hours and hours and not really even care where the time goes.

Why? Because I’m distracted and instead of staring at the clock and wondering why it seems to be ticking so slowly I’m trying to shoot the ball or stop someone else from scoring on me. Don’t like team sports? Try hiking, swimming or jogging around a nice area. You’ll get lots of exercise with none of the boredom.

2. Chasing your kids around the yard / park

If your kids are like mine they do everything at 100 mph, so try bringing them to a safe park and letting them “loose”. By the time you chase them around, play games with them and get all of their energy out you will also get all of YOUR energy out too. Trust me you won’t be watching the clock wishing the time would go faster, you’ll be trying to keep up!

3. Mowing the lawn

Ok, I didn’t say all of these would be fun right? Mowing the lawn is a great source of exercise, and I’m not talking to all of you who have a riding mower and drink soda or beer while mowing. Get a nice push mower and get out there and push it around. My lawn seems to take forever to mow and it’s a much better work out than any treadmill could ever deliver for me.

4. Helping a friend move

Ever help a friend move to a new house or apartment? I can guarantee you will be way more exhausted than any weight lifting session or cardio workout. Moving boxes and furniture up stairs and in and out of a moving fan is really hard work so you’ll get tons of exercise and your friend will appreciate it.

5. Play with your dog

Playing catch with your dog doesn’t really sound like a good workout I admit but most dogs do anything but run after the ball or Frisbee and bring it back… they take it and run because they want you to chase them. Don’t want to play catch? Take them for a walk instead. I had a friend once say that if your dog is fat, then YOU don’t get enough exercise. Totally true!

The whole point of this post was to make you think. Exercise does NOT have to be boring… you can get exercise just about anywhere whether you live in the city or country, whether you’re a man or a woman…whatever. Exercise can be fun, but you have to use your imagination first!

A few good health sites with fantastic health tips we recommend are www.womenshealthmag.co.uk/fitness/ www.womensfitness.co.uk/ and www.nhs.uk/livewell/fitness
Have a healthy fantastic day.