5 Fitness Tips To Start Your Week

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We’ve all been at the beginning of a week, and been unmotivated to start exercising. It’s a problem that a lot of people face, particularly if the weather is poor or you don’t feel in tip top shape. However, there are a few simple tips and tricks to get you in the mood to exercise, and we’ve compiled them for you here.

Make sure there’s some variety in your exercise
One of the fastest ways to lose interest in exercise is to be doing the same boring workout over and over again. To try and combat this, mix up the order of your exercises. If you usually do cardiovascular training on a Tuesday, then mix it up and move it to a Friday. By changing the variety of what you do, you’ll be more likely to keep going, because you won’t feel trapped in a rut. Introducing new exercise routines every once in awhile can also help to break the monotony.

Find out what motivates you
The trick to staying motivated, particularly at the beginning of the week, is to remember what it is that actually motivates you to exercise at all. Is it a drive to stay alive to see your children grow up and be able to play with your grandkids? Is it when you look in the mirror and you’re just not happy with what you see? In any instance, thinking about the reasons why you exercise can help you to get back into the mood for pushing yourself.

Stay hydrated
This may seem like a fairly obvious thing to do, but the benefits of staying hydrated are extremely important. If you’ve constantly got a good supply of fluid in the body, then you’ll have more energy to keep going, and the entire process of exercising won’t feel like such a massive pain.

Try not to procrastinate
It’s easy to stand in your house and dawdle with getting ready, or say to yourself, ‘I’ll go outside and start in a minute’. By putting off the exercise, you’re actually less likely to bother at all, so it’s best to just get it over and done with. By just going for it, you’re avoiding the time to mentally talk yourself out of running in the rain or driving to the gym when you could get another hour in bed.

Try some interval training
One of the hardest things to is exercise for long periods of time, both in regards to the capacity of your body and finding the time to spend an hour running around the countryside. With that in mind, some people do interval training to stay in shape. The premise of interval training is built around doing much more intensive exercise, but in short bursts, as to avoid hours on a treadmill. The training is actually much better for busy people who work on deadlines and schedules and can even be more beneficial than longer workouts, depending on what you want to achieve.