Refreshing Green Teas for Summer Time

Tea and summer aren’t necessarily two things that people put together. However just because the weather is warm it doesn’t mean I sacrifice my cups of tea! However I don’t enjoy the typical… Continue reading

York City Break | Vlog

Filled history, culture and charm; York has always been one of my favourite cities in England. Matt actually went to university there so it has a special place in his heart too so… Continue reading

How To Tie The Laces On Your Running Trainers

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Stylfile Infuse Moisturising Nail File | Review

    I love painting my nails. Whether it’s neutral, bright or patterned. However I am guilty of not looking after the prep of my nails too much. I find that a healthy… Continue reading

Chill Factor Drinks Bottle | Review

  Nothing beats glugging on cool fresh water after a workout. However water in your water bottle is cool when you start your workout, but an hour later the refreshing chill has disappeared… Continue reading

May Beauty | The Incredible Face Mask | Review

I think every girl enjoys a facemask, I even know men that enjoy a great facemask. They feel of peeling off or washing off your mask and unearthing beautiful soft, clean skin is… Continue reading

BUPA | #FeelGreatBritain

  Happiness seem like quite a simple thing, yet man struggle to feel happiness everyday. Happiness also means different things to different things which is sometimes why it’s hard to find. In fact… Continue reading

Travel | Things to Do In Dubai

Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a location I’ve always dreamed of visiting. I long to see the mixture of East meets West in one of the fastest growing, most global… Continue reading

Taking Time To Pause | Spain travel Vlog

I love to travel. To explore. To discover new sights and sounds, get lost in new cities, eat new dishes and experience a new culture. However every once in a while I believe… Continue reading

iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening | Review

Glossy, pearly white teeth are always at the top of every girl (and probably) guys wish-list of something they’d like to improve about their appearance. I have always longed to have that Hollywood… Continue reading

Spring Snacking | Healthy Snack Bars

There are so many different theories about snacking. Three meals a day, five meals a day, three meals with two snacks…. it really is a minefield. But I think we can all agree… Continue reading

Exploring Europe with the help of others

Four years ago I spent the summer travelling parts of Europe with just a small backpack on my back. It was one of the best summers I’ve ever spent. Matt and I simply… Continue reading