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As a blogger I spend a lot of time reading other blogs. It’s the main reason I started it! I love reading other peoples thoughts, seeing other peoples perspectives and discovering the world through other peoples eyes. So I thought, why not share with you some of my favourite blog posts from the past month. You may of read it already, or you may even find a new blog to fall in love with!

So for me, Augusts highlights are below;

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My Protein| Protein Chocolate Pancakes


 My Protein Chocolate Protein Pancake Review 4My Protein Chocolate Protein Pancake Powder ReviewMy Protein Chocolate Protein Pancake Review

I’ve had my eye on this protein pancake mix for a while. All the benefits of protein, all the taste of chocolate and all the ease of powder added to water then fried! I’m a huge fan of pancakes for breakfast, it’s actually a tradition at my Dad’s house every Sunday morning; however theirs are slightly less healthy. When I’m being a nice girlfriend I’ll sneak out of bed in the morning and make Matt pancakes, and he does sometimes get healthy two ingredient pancakes much to his disgust!

So this week I stepped away from the two ingredient pancakes which are, although easy to make, not as easy as these to make. Simply whisk together 1 1/2 scoops of the powder with 100-150ml of milk or water (I use water), and fry as you would a normal pancake.

The My Protein Pancake Mix* really stood out to me as it is made completely from ingredients I recognise; no nasty chemicals, just ingredients such as whey protein, ground oats, cocoa powder and sweetener.

Now I’m no pro pancake maker, hence the slightly messy pancakes in the photo. I always forget to throw away the first pancake – apparently you should cook one just to line the pan and it works a treat. So my first pancake is messy and shown in the photo – apologies!

The pancakes have the same consistency as traditional pancakes and are just as yummy. They are sweet, as Kelsey pointed out on Instagram, so if you don’t have a sweet tooth I would suggest trying another flavour, or even the unflavoured version to begin with. However I love chocolate, so these work perfectly for me! I can see them becoming a regular breakfast or after dinner treat, and I’m definitely going to be giving the Maple Syrup and Golden Syrup version a go!

After munching through them, I went online and looked at the nutritional content of the Protein Pancakes out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised. For 50g, which is one decent sized pancake, there are just 191 calories, 5.9g of carbs, 2.1g sugar and a whopping 34.3g of protein!

Have you ever given the My Protein Pancakes Mix a go? Or are there other healthy pancakes your prefer?

52 Lists // Thirty Five


52 projectj week 35

1. Lots of chicken – the only meat I buy (apart from the occasional steak)

2. Lots and lots of carrots – perfection with hummus

3. Bananas – for breakfast, snacks and fuel!

4. Strawberries – I try to convince myself they’re chocolate for evening treats

5. Magazines – Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Women’s Running

6. Crisps and chocolate – weekly shop night is always a cheat night!

7. Teabags – I think I’m fuelled by tea…

OPI Amazon…Amazoff

OPI Amazon - Amazoff nail varnish review OPI Amazon - Amazoff nail varnish OPI Amazon Amazoff nail varnish 1

Bright, eye-catching shades are what summer nails are all about! Nothing looks better with a tan and a fabulous bikini than a colourful nail varnish. So for my holiday this year, to the South of France I wore this wonderful shade – OPI Amazon…Amazoff*. It looked perfect once I had a golden tan and really withstood the sun and sand.

Now green is definitely a favourite colour or mine, and I think the OPI Amazon… Amazoff was made for me. It’s a wonderful blend of deep jungle green with a hint of teal.

What are your go to shades for the summer sun? Do you like colour like me, or something more subtle?