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Feeling Confident During Summertime

Summertime is a tricky time for many because as the weather gets warmer the clothes get smaller. Summer is not my favourite season, mainly for hayfever reasons however I have also always struggled with body confidence during the summer months. In my 26 years I’ve been many different clothes sizes and body shapes and even when I was my most toned I never felt my … Continue reading Feeling Confident During Summertime

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Ways To Eat Nut Butter | Recipes & Ideas

I love, love, love peanut butter! However peanuts are not in fact a nut, they are a legume so aren’t permitted on the Whole 30 eating regime. So I recently entered the world of nut butters. You can make nut butters yourself – always advisable – however timely! Or you can buy them from many superstores and health food stores. I’ve been loving the Pip … Continue reading Ways To Eat Nut Butter | Recipes & Ideas

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Mind, Meals & Movement | 1

Welcome to my Sunday summary reinvented. I’ve decided to incorporate a Sunday summary on my blog again to help keep myself accountable and also to share what I’ve been up to over the week. Mind This week I made a recommitment to myself to get back on track. I haven’t had my health and fitness as a priority in my life and it’s probably due … Continue reading Mind, Meals & Movement | 1

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Working Out Safely in Hot Weather

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you’ll know that the UK has been hit by a heatwave. Whether it’s a heatwave or this is just going to be our summer this year… I’m undecided. Either way we can all agree that it’s hot! I don’t know about you, but when it’s hot I really struggle with my performance. I suffer terribly from hayfever which … Continue reading Working Out Safely in Hot Weather