Inner Me Diaries | Update

Inner Me Diaries Supplements (3) Inner Me Diaries Supplements (2)

Well I am onto Week 5 of My Inner Me Diaries Challenge and am glad to back to it. Last week I missed a few days in a row due to a busy week and a night away with work, so started fresh last Saturday.

In the time that I stopped taking my Beautify Me and Energise Me supplements I definitely noticed a difference. Firstly my sleep was more disrupted and I started to get my mid-afternoon slump again and my skin broke out! So I can safely say that these supplement are working amazingly for me (when I remember to take them)!

I know that quite a few of you were interested in giving them a go yourself so I have some great news! I have an exclusive discount for you – When you buy one pack of Beautify Me or Energise Me you will get one free!

To make the most of this exclusive offer, all you need to do if enter the following codes when at the checkout on

So with these codes you’ll receive one months supply of Beautify Me for the price of two weeks, or two months supply of Energise Me for the price of one!

Have you given these supplements ago? Which would you be most interested in and why?

#RealJuice Days 1 & 2

Real Juce Philips Day 1Real Juce Philips Day 1 (3)Real Juce Philips Day 1 (2)

I am currently following the #RealJuice plan created by Madeline Shaw (Millie Mackintosh’s nutritionist) and Phillips*. You can read about the plan here, but for now here’s my days one and two!

Day 1 – Classic Cleanse

To start the week we started with a cleanse. This juice was refreshing yet a little too beetrooty for me. It included;

- 3 Medium Carrots

- 1 Small Beetroot

- 1 Apple

- 2 Stalks of Celery

 Real Juce Philips Day 2Real Juce Philips Day 2 (3)Real Juce Philips Day 2 (2)

Day 2 – Glowing Greens Juice

Now I love green smoothies, I often pack spinach into my smmothies to up the protein count. Plus it’s a great way to get your filly of leafy veg – which isn’t the most interesting of veg! This juice for me was strange on the first sip but became very palatable and refreshing.

- 3 Stalks of Celery

- 2 Handfuls of Spinach

- 1 Pear

- 1/2 Cucumber

- 1 Peeled Lemon

- 1 Handful of Parsley

What do you think of the above juice recipes? Are either of them one you would give a go?

Winter running

Winter running essentials greene baune shea butter (3)Winter running essentials greene baune shea butter (2)Winter running essentials greene baune shea butter (4)

I don’t know about you but I think I actually prefer running on a cold crisp Autumn day than on a sunny Summer day. The cool air in my lungs and on my skin, the crisp leaves under foot, the cosy leggings and hoodies I can wear really make it all that more enjoyable.

However running in Autumn and Winter has it’s downfalls and for me that’s skincare and safety.


As much as I love the feeling of cool frosty air on my skin; it’s definitely refreshing! The cold bite of autumn and winter plays havoc with skin; chapped lips, cracked hands, sore noses and a dull complexion are just some of the delights!

This Autumn my savoir is definitely Green-Baume 100% Organic Shea Butter*. I slather it on my lips before a run and massage it onto hands afterwards. It helps protect, soften and nourish my dry skin and keeps it from cracking. I also enjoy the fact that Green-Baume Shea Butter is sourced from women’s Fair Trade Co-operative in select regions of West Africa – so you know that the product is a good one!

Simple Night Cream is also helping ensure my complexion keeps glowing as the nights get darker. Again, a naturally product it helps keep my skin soft and protected from the harsh winter.


One thing I would ensure is a law if I was Prime Minster would be that when it’s dark everyone should wear some kind of reflective clothing to ensure motorists can see them. I often drive along and not notice someone walking on the pavement because they’re wearing a long black jacket, yet I always notice runners and cyclists because 90% of them do wear something reflective. I have this rather fetching neon yellow jacket that I always wear when running in an evening and pair it with a reflective armband to ensure that everyone can see me. I would advise all other to do the same – even if its brightly colour clothing instead of black leggings, black trainers and a black hoodie – at least you’ll stand out more and be safer.

Which skincare products do you swear by in Autumn and Winter to help protect your skin?

#RealJuice… If it’s good enough for Millie Mackintosh…

 real juice 1real juice

Juicing seems to be buzz word this year in the “health and fitness community” yet in reality partaking in quick fix detoxes and weight loss regimes can be rather unhealthy. Rather than enjoy a healthy balanced diet throughout the year some see these detoxes as an excuse to overindulge then balance out the indulgence with a detox. 

It’s for this reason that Philips have paired up with Madeline Shaw (Millie Mackintosh’s nutritionist) to campaign for #RealJuice. They want to encourage people to ditch bottled juice in exchange for fresh juice, and I’m excited to be working with them to guinea pig this lifestyle.

Personally I have never taken part in a juice detox and I don’t usually drink too many juices in my diet, however I do love homemade smoothies!

However for the next week I’ll be taking part in a #RealJuice lifestyle where I’ll be enjoying one juice a day and keeping you all updated with my thoughts. Each of the juices that Madeline Shaw has created has a different benefit- pre-workout, post-workout, Super Skin, Hangover helper, beat the bloat etc.

First things first is figuring out how to work this juicer…

Have you ever taken part in a juice plan before? Or do you include juices in your diet often?