Moroccanoil | Review

Moroccan Oil ReviewMoroccan Oil Review (2)

Moroccanoil is very much like Balance Me which I reviewed that month – a brand which is raved about all over blogs. So following my holiday, my hair needed a little TLC – sun, sand and chlorine aren’t even kind to us Brunettes – so I thought I would finally give Moroccan Oil a go!

The Moroccanoil Luxury Moisture Repair and Style Travel Kit* has everything a girl could need to repair her hair after a bit too much sun! Filled with a range of travel size goodies it would have been in my suitcase had I not ran out of room! I only travelled with hand luggage and I think the four pairs of shoes took up the majority of my luggage!

Anyways- Moroccanoil is a saviour- my hair is soft, silky and looks incredibly healthy – plus it smells divine! All Moraccanoil products have a (not so secret) ingredient of Argan Oil which is extremely rich in fatty acids and vitamin E – so much so it’s often called liquid gold! Argan Oil is fantastic for the hair, it can; act as a moisturiser for the scalp to fight dandruff and dry scalp, promote the growth of healthy and strong hair; it can even undo some of the damage done through hair dying and can be used to treat split ends. It really is a fantastic (not so secret) ingredient to Moroccanoil.

So more about the products in the Moroccanoil Luxury Moisture Repair and Style Travel Kit;

Moroccan Oil Review 2Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong Flexible Hold – This hairspray is none sticky – a pet hate of mine, light but still gives hair some texture. The argan oil in the hairspray helps give hair a gorgeous shine.

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner – Who doesn’t love a dreamy smelling shampoo and conditioner duo!  Rich and creamy, yet deeply cleanses. This duo is perfect for coloured hair like mine.

Moroccan Oil Treatment Review

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil – This little bottle is a multi-tasking marvel – there are many ways in which it can be used; styling and finishing; protections; colour and chemical treatments; and even for hair extensions! Anyway it is used, it provides the same results – it helps soften hair, build strength, restore shine, detangle and add extra bounce. I love to use this on the ends of my fly away hair to help get rid of any frizz.

Have you ever tried Moroccanoil products? I know that the Moroccanoil Treatment Oil is a firm favourite with many bloggers – have you ever read about it?

August Magazines |10 Things

August mags

1 - If you get dehydrated while working out, you may suffer from bad breath. The lack of saliva makes it difficult to wash away odorous bacteria.

2 - 27% of women in the UK quit execising because they are embarrassed about their breasts, usually because they haven’t found the right sports bra or the correct level of support.

3 - Take to the hills- even if you have no intention ever to run a hilly race, hill training does wonders for your backside, your speed and your physique

4 - Runners should always cross train because it; promotes joint recovery and repair; uses muscles in a different way to recover more effectively; gives you a physical and psychological break from the focus on a single sport that leaves you refreshed and raring to run again; strengthens areas of biomechanical weakness, making you stronger for running.

5 - Swimming is particularly good at working runners’ arms and shoulders improving breathing control and increasing movement and flexibility.

6 - Adding box jumps to your routine could keep you stronger for longer. Research into the effects of G-force on bones showed an impact of 4.2g or greater led to sturdier hipbones – which equals a more robust body all over. Jumping on (and off) a 15-inch-high crate 10 times twice a day creates the G-force to yield results in four months. Sore knees? Walk backwards on a treadmill. The back to front motion strengthens their supporting muscles.

7 - You need to practice yoga for 13 minutes each day to slow down the ageing process. In a study, this amount of kundalini yoga (including mediation and mantra chanting) improved metabolism and reduced inflammatory response, both of which make your body act younger.

8 - You’ll add 3.4 pounds to your belly if you gain one stone. Studies show muscular legs can fend off stomach fat- get get lunging!

9 - There’s a reason McDonald’s chose a red and yellow colour scheme – both these colours have been proven to boost your appetite, particularly red, which signals ripeness, sweeteners and calories.

10 - Breasts move up to 21cm during exercise in a dramatic figure-of-eight motion. A sturdy sports bra cuts swing by up to 78%.

Facts & figures courtesy of Women’s Running & Women’s Health.

Upbeat | High Protein Dairy Drink

 The Good Whey Co Upbeat High Protein Drink Review (3) The Good Whey Co Upbeat High Protein Drink Review (2)The Good Whey Co Upbeat High Protein Drink ReviewThe Good Whey Co Upbeat High Protein Drink Review (4) The Good Whey Co Upbeat High Protein Drink Review (5)

After a tough workout there is nothing better than a refreshing protein drink to enjoy, and Upbeat is one of them.   Some mornings it’s all that gets me through my workout; knowing I get a refreshing refuel afterwards – it’s like a little healthy treat. I’ve recently been supping on Upbeat drinks after a morning workout, as part of my desk breakfast or after an evening workout to keep me going until dinner.

Upbeat High Protein Dairy Drinks* are refreshing and filling. With the consistency somewhere between a milkshake and a yoghurt drink it’s easy to gulp down on the go but the high protein content ensures that it actually fills a hole and leaves you satisfied. 

So what’s in Upbeat drinks? Well at little as possible, which is one of the reasons I’m a big fan. There are many “healthy” protein drinks out there that are filled with ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce never mind know what they are. Upbeat Drinks are made from three ingredients – fresh whey, fruit puree and fruit juice from concentrate. Plus they are packed with 20g of protein, are a natural source of calcium and contain no more than 150 calories per bottle. And as a person who dislikes the taste of milk I need all the calcium I can get in my diet so these protein drinks are perfect!

I tried the Strawberry and the Blueberry and Raspberry flavour Upbeat drinks whoever there is also a Mango and Passion Fruit flavour that I’m keeping my eye out for!

Upbeat – £1.75 at Tesco, Holland & Barrett, Booths, Co-op and WH Smiths.

Have you ever tried Upbeat Protein Drinks? What did you think? Are there other dairy protein drinks you’d recommend?

Cocoa Runners Box | Review

Cocoa Runner Chocolate Box Review 5Cocoa Runner Chocolate Box ReviewCocoa Runner Chocolate Box Review 1 Cocoa Runner Chocolate Box Review 2

When a box filled with some of the finest chocolate in the world drops on your front doorstep you know it’s a good day! Cocoa Runners Chocolate Box* is filled with the finest chocolate hand picked by them. They knew me very well and filled my box with some tasty dark chocolate bars to ensure it was a healthy treat for me to enjoy!

Cocoa Runner Chocolate Box Review 4

The box is filled with handpicked bars and information about each, plus a little guide on how to really taste and enjoy chocolate. As a huge chocoholic I thought I knew how to enjoy chocolate, but it turns out I don’t! I’ve really been opened up to a whole new world of chocolate. The little guides really helped me learn how to savour a piece of chocolate and not just wolf it down like usual!

Cocoa Runner Chocolate Box Review 6

The Menakao Madagascan Vanilla Milk Chocolate was a little naughty as it wasn’t a dark chocolate but instead a smooth and creamy milk chocolate with strong vanilla flavours. As it says on the description it was very fudgy like which was quite unusual yet enjoyable.

Cocoa Runner Chocolate Box Review 7

The Francois Pralus Cuba Chocolate Bar is exactly what dark chocolate such be, deep, dark, rich, sharp yet creamy all in one heavenly bite. The joy with this bar is that only a few small bites are enough to satisfy any sweet cravings, anymore and it’s too much. This bar has been with me for nearly two weeks now and I’m still nibbling my way through it!

The second dark chocolate bar was The Grenada Chocolate Company Salty-licious bar. This bar is Caribbean sea salt in 71% chocolate. Now I love salted cameral but I had not yet tried salted chocolate. As with the previous bar a couple of bites are enough to get your sweet hit. It’s a little less creamy than the previous bar but the salt really mixes well with the sweetness of the chocolate.

Cocoa Runner Chocolate Box Review 8Cocoa Runner Chocolate Box Review 11

The final bar was a double delight, on one side there was a sweet and buttery caramel milk chocolate and the other was a fudgy milk chocolate with aromas of coffee, creating a wonderful café-latte-chocolate taste. The Zotter Labooka Chocolate was very reminiscent of the first bar – a little less guilt-free and a little more milky, creamy and soft. Matt adored the caramel bar and said it was like a very posh, much improved Caramac bar.

I’ve had my Cocoa Runner Box for about two weeks now and the only bar that has completely disappeared is the Caramel one. The joy with the finest quality chocolate is that just a few squares are enough. I often snap off a couple of squares in the evening and enjoy it with a cuppa.

I really love the concept of Cocoa Runners – who wouldn’t! The time they spend to source the finest chocolate producers in the world from Brooklyn to Budapest really creates a lust-worthy box that had ruined mainstream chocolate for me now –  I now know what REAL chocolate tastes like! I love knowing that these chocolates aren’t pumped full of chemicals but are just packed full of antioxidants.

Cocoa Runners Boxes can be bought as a one off (perfect birthday or even Christmas present!), or as an on-going monthly delivery (an even better present!).

GREAT NEWS – Cocoa Runners are offering £5 off your first £15 purchase of any box or tasting course from their website for all readers! Simply enter OBIH2014 at checkout. 

Have you ever heard of Cocoa Runners Boxes? Are you as a big of chocoholic as I am? – If so I’m sure you’ll dream of chocolate like this!