Zumba Tri-Me Perfect Leggings

 Zumba Tri-Me Perfect Leggings 1

Working out is so much easier when you have cute workout clothes to wear – well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! So I was very excited when I spotted the Fall/Winter 2014 collection from Zumba. The clothes in, usually Zumba style, are fun and loud, yet comfortable and functional for workouts from the studio to the street.

Zumba Tri-Me Perfect Leggings 2Zumba Tri-Me Perfect Leggings 3 Zumba Tri-Me Perfect Leggings

There was so many new pieces that I wanted to fill my wardrobe with, however I settled on the Zumba Tri-Me Perfect Leggings*. I don’t usually buy full length leggings, but couldn’t resist this very fun print – so much more interesting that plain black!

The pants are thankfully incredibly comfortable. The compression fabric has 4-way stretch so no matter if it’s running or yoga these are a great pick! The material is very smooth so they’re even good for chilling in.

The fit is great – they don’t fall down and they are very flattering – which is exactly what every girl wants when working out! I tempted to get them in blue next!

What do you think of these leggings? Are they something you would pick? Have you every bought Zumba workout clothes?

Stur | Liquid Water Enhancer

Stur Liquid Water Enhancer Review (11)Stur Liquid Water Enhancer Review (3)Stur Liquid Water Enhancer Review (2)


Stur Liquid Water Enhancer Review (5)

I love water and can’t get enough of it. I’m the girl who carries a bottle of water with them no matter where they go. However water can become bland – especially during the evening when I enjoy something with a little flavour. I’m not a big fan of fizzy pop due to the sugar content so at times I’m a bit stuck. So when I came across Stur Liquid Water Enhancer* I was very pleased!

Stur is very much like those Robinsons shots you see however a lot healthier! Stur are free from artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours yet taste fantastic!

I think the story behind Stur is so cute! Neel create Stur for his pregnant wife so that she could drink more water while pregnant with their twin girls. It really shows that they are a family run business that is passionate about health and happiness.

Stur Liquid Water Enhancer Review (8)Stur Liquid Water Enhancer Review (9)Stur Liquid Water Enhancer Review (10)

Stur Liquid Water Enhancer couldn’t be simpler! Take the tiny bottle any and everywhere with you, shake well and squeeze once into 200ml of water. The bottle is small yet each one contains 30 servings in a bottle, so they will last quite a while.

So what’s in Stur? Containing 100% of your daily vitamin C, 0g sugar, 0 calories and 0g fat there’s not much in it but flavouring and natural stevia sweetner. I love the range of flavours that are available and for me the winners are Only Orange Mango and Boldly Blackcurrant Apple. I’m desperate to try their new Coconut Water range too.

I’ve been filling up my water bottle after work with these water enhancers and Matt has been taking them to work in his bag. He isn’t such a big fan of plain water so Stur has been great for him and increasing his water intake throughout the day.

Have you ever heard or Stur Water Enhancer? Do you think it would help you drink more water throughout the day?

Chocolate week with nakd wholefoods


National Chocolate Week has arrived!

Surely one of the best weeks of the year! So what have you been indulging in?

If like me you want to get your chocolate fix without undoing all your hard work then you need to pick up Nakd bars or Bites* – I’d recommend the Cocoa Orange! Nakd bars have to been one of my favourite chocolate treats that are 100% guilt free. Since discovering them over a year a go they have a permanent place in my cupboard! I definitely believe that chocolate is better nakd! All the taste but none of the guilt!

If you are one of the few people who aren’t aware of nakd whole foods you’ll be wondering what exactly is so good about them. Soft, gooey, rich and sweet these bars and bites pack a chocolate punch but are made of just dates, nuts, raisins and a hint of natural flavouring! They are 100% natural, vegan friendly, one of your five a day and free from gluten, wheat and dairy.

Obviously chocolate is fantastic! However if you have an immense sweet tooth like me these are a must for not overindulging in chocolate and sweet treats. Dairy milk has over 200calories and 7.3g of saturated fat in a bar, yet nakd Cocoa Orange has just 106cak and 0.6g of fat so swapping a chocolate bar for a nakd bar really does make a difference in my diet.

Have you ever tried nakd bars or bites? Which flavour is your favourite?

Inner Me | Inner Me Diaries Challenge

Inner Me Supplements Inner Me Diaries Challenge

Living a healthy lifestyle obviously does wonders for the quality of your life. Your energy levels are better, you feel more confident, your skin, hair and nails are healthier and obviously your body is more toned and stronger. However at times we all need a helping hand to live a healthy lifestyle and reap these rewards and this is where supplements like Inner Me come in!

I am currently taking part in the Inner Me Diaries blogger challenge and am putting Beautify Me and Energise Me to the test!

  Inner Me Supplements Inner Me Diaries Challenge (2)Inner Me Supplements Inner Me Diaries Challenge (3)

Three weeks ago a beautiful pink parcel arrived at my front door filled with my Inner Me supplements, Inner Me Score Cards, a very cute pencil case,notepad and pencils – all to help me take note of how I’m feeling each day and any product benefits I’ve noticed.

So what are my thoughts half way through the challenge?

Energise Me*

Energise Me is packed full of a special blend of vitamins and minerals that help support energy metabolism and maintain overall good health.

I admit I was most sceptical of these pills and most excited to see the results. Over the past three weeks I have noticed that my energy levels are a million times better than they were. I have quite busy days which include a 6:00am wakeup, a mini workout, a full day at work, an hour workout, a few hours of blogging then back to bed at 10:30pm – so even though I workout, my energy sometimes is zapped! However since taking Energise Me I’ve noticed that I awake in the morning refreshed no matter how bad of a night’s sleep I’ve had. I don’t suffer from the afternoon slump as much either and I’m much more motivated to workout after work!

Beautify Me*

Beautify Me is Inner Me’s ultimate beauty supplement for skin, hair and nails. Filled with nourishing nutrients this is a little helping hand for your complexion.

Since I started using this supplement I’ve noticed that the number of blemishes on my skin have reduced. I do suffer from spots especially at certain times of the month, yet this month my skin barely broke out and kept calm. My hair and nails also feel a lot stronger – which is always good!

I will keep you updated with how the rest of my Inner Me Diaries Challenge goes and will be sharing an exclusive special offer with you soon!

Have you ever heard of Inner Me supplements? Is it something you would try?